Current research
The department of Highways, Geodesy and Land Management performed scientific research Resource-saving Methods of Structure Designing on the Ground and Automated Geographic Information Systems of Real Property Cadastral Register" №0121U100385 (2021, 2022).

Past research
During 2007-2010 the department of Highways, Geodesy and Land management performed the research Scientific Fundamentals of Resource Conservation in the Design of Transport Facilities and Land Management (№0107U008795)

During 2011-2015 Resource-Saving Methods of Designing in Construction and Land Management (№0111U006487)

During 2016-2020 Improvement of Design Methods in Construction and Land Management (№0116U000780).

Expertise Summary

1. Reducing the level of vibrations of foundations under machines by constructive methods.
2. Reduction of costs in construction due to optimization of foundations under static and dynamic loads.
3. Development of a multi-purpose cadastre based on a new system of identification of cadastre objects and data digitization.
4. Development of mass assessment methods of real estate for the purpose of taxation.
5. Study of patterns of stress-strain state formation in rock massifs.
6. Geodetic monitoring of man-made territories, buildings and structures.
7. Improvement of the mechanism of land consolidation and creation of sustainable land uses in the conditions of a market economy and private ownership of land.