Specialty: 192. Construction and civil engineering

Educational professional program: Highways and aerodromes

Thanks to the acquired excellent knowledge, graduates of the educational and scientific program "Highways and aerodromes" work in management positions in the fields of civil and transport construction, in research institutions - they contribute to the development of the transport infrastructure of Ukraine: they design modern highways and airports, carry out planning, management and organization construction, reconstruction, repair and operational maintenance of highways and airfields, city streets, bridges, transport interchanges, engineering infrastructure.

ЄВІ, ЄФВВ, фахові іспити


Competition score = average score of the supplement to the diploma+examination in a foreign language+professional test.
For those who enter from unrelated specialties, an additional exam is mandatory.

Що я буду вивчати?

Основні дисципліни, які складають професійну підготовку

  • Special course on design and reconstruction of highways and airfields
  • Computer methods of designing transport infrastructure objects
  • Designing transport infrastructure using BIM technology
  • Modernization, reconstruction and repair and restoration works in road construction
  • Monitoring of the technical condition of transport infrastructure facilities
  • Resource-saving methods in the design of highways and airfields
  • Mechanics of subgrade and pavement structure
  • Organization and safety of traffic on highways
  • Methodology of scientific research
  • Innovative production technologies of building materials, structures and products

Основні задачі, які зможе вирішувати випускник в майбутньому

  • Designing of highways, transport interchanges, overpasses, airports.
  • Planning, management and organization of construction and reconstruction of transport infrastructure facilities.
  • Technical supervision of the construction. Expertise of construction objects.
  • Operational maintenance and repair of highways, aerodromes, artificial structures.
  • Scientific studies of the properties of building and road materials, development of resource-saving methods of calculation and design, innovative technologies in the fields of civil and transport construction.
  • Organization and safety of road traffic.
  • Production of building materials, structures and products.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the operational condition of transport infrastructure facilities.

Де я зможу працювати?

Основні посади, на яких можна працювати після закінчення навчання

  • Assistant Professor at a Higher educational institution. Researcher.
  • Construction expert.
  • The head of the enterprise. Chief Engineer. Director of capital construction. Head of the production and technical department. Foreman of the production department.
  • Civil engineer in the fields of civil and transport construction.
  • Engineer for technical supervision of construction of roads, bridges, airports.
  • Manager in construction and transport.
  • Highway and airfield operation engineer.
  • Design engineer in the fields of civil and transport construction.

Основні місця роботи, де можна працювати після закінчення навчання

  • Higher educational institutions and research institutes.
  • The State Agency for Reconstruction and Development of the Infrastructure of Ukraine and departments of Highway Service.
  • Ukrainian and foreign construction companies.
  • City improvement and infrastructure departments.
  • Survey and design organizations.