Модуль Жана Моне
Європейські практики із зеленої трансформації:
уроки для України
Проєкт 101085133 - EUGREEN

Проєкт співфінансується Європейським Союзом, проте висловлені погляди та думки належать лише авторам цього проєкту і не обов’язково відображають погляди Європейського Союзу чи Європейського виконавчого агентства з питань освіти та культури. Ні Європейський Союз, ні грантодавець не можуть нести за них відповідальність

Мета проєкту

This project aims to study and disseminate the experience of EU countries in implementing successful Green Deal strategies, namely in the areas of green building, green policies for regional revitalization on the basis of sustainable development, energy efficiency, waste management and soil restoration as a part of sustainable urban ecosystems, to enable graduate students and young researchers in PSACEA to shape sustainability competencies.

Задачі проєкту

In the process of project implementing, multidisciplinary training courses in EU Policy on Green Economy and Innovation, EU Practice of Green Building Investment, EU Climate Change Adaptation and Sustainable Urban Ecosystems will be organized for students of PSACEA; scientific and practical conferences will be held for students, graduates and scholars; educational round tables with the participation of politicians and representatives of the business sector will be organized; for the knowledge expansion in the academic society, it is planned to publish scientific articles and monographs based on the results of the project.

Очікуваний результат

As a result of the project, its participants at all levels, including young researchers and LLL students, will form an understanding of the essence of the Green Deal and the principles of its implementation in the EU and will have the opportunity to discuss and suggest solutions to employing EU experience of green practices in Ukraine. The acquired knowledge will be the foundation of further environmentally efficient activities of listeners both in everyday life and in the fields of management and business on the basis of European green values that to promote the European vision of the green economy and sustainable development in the above areas and to contribute the formation of European green consciousness in Ukrainian society.

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