Students hostel


Nowadays, Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture – PSACEA – is one of the oldest the state higher education institutions in Ukraine and the only one in Dnipropetrovsk region to provide three cycles of training – BSc, MSc and Ph.D  –  in Architecture, Civil  Engineering, Economics and Mechanical Engineering. It has got five faculties and eight halls of residence.

The halls of residence for international students and students of the preparatory department enrolled in PSACEA are well-equipped and provide all necessary conditions for living and education, including recreation. PSACEA’s halls of residence are large enough to accommodate all full-time international students and those who arrive at PSACEA for credit mobility periods. Part-time students are also provided with accommodation if necessary throughout the academic year and during examination sessions. Accommodation is available even during the summer holidays.

The halls of residence are located close to the main educational buildings.

The capacity of beds at student hall of residence is 224 beds. Students can stay in double standard furnished rooms (with the possibility of independent living in a double room with access to a shared kitchen, bathroom and recreational space. There is a laundry room on the ground floor and the gym. The halls of residence are conveniently located near bus and tram stops, which provides an easy access to the city centre or to the bus and railway stations. The nearest restaurant is less than 600 m away in the shopping centre and a marketplace.

PSACEA does not provide accommodation on the private market.


Dormitory residence: rules and requirements

Students willing to stay at PSACEA’s halls of residence are registered at the place of their residence and at the migration service, therefore it is necessary to pay attention to visa requirements.

At the beginning of the academic year, all PSACEA’s halls of residence organise meetings for students with the deputy deans of the relevant faculties, heads of student councils with a view to acquainting novel students with their rights and responsibilities, safety instructions, rules of conduct in the halls and leisure facilities available. All students are expected to observe the house rules of conduct strictly and demonstrate polite and tolerant behaviour towards other fellow-students and residents.

Students must take care of the dormitory property.

Use of the dormitory for any purpose other than personal residence for registered students is not allowed.

Subletting of dormitory places is not allowed and may lead to expulsion from PSACEA. Change of beds and rooms without prior approval from the dormitory management is not allowed and may lead to expulsion from the dorm.

Immediately after the termination of residency, residents shall have their rooms vacated and all personal properties removed from the rooms.

Residents who fail to remove all their belongings from a room upon expiry of residency will be kept for a maximum of 10 days, after which all items left behind will be disposed of as rubbish at the prevailing charge. PSACEA shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to such properties whatsoever.

Student Residents shall no longer have the right to reside in the dormitory if they, for whatever reasons, cease to be students of PSACEA. In such case, they shall vacate their rooms and remove all personal properties in the room immediately after the termination of residency within the period of 10 days.

Student residents shall give the door key back to the reception and assist the management to finish the checkout procedure before they move out.

Student residents who are registered in the dormitory and have a residence agreement with PSACEA but are temporary leaving in another place but are living in another place are in poste with an accommodation fee on general conditions. Students who live in another place should inform the department of the valid address details.

Student residents who want to extent their staying in the dorms are requested to submit an application to the dormitory management at least one month advanced before the term end. The application will be considered for extension based on the space availability and the student’s previous conduct in the dorm. Extension will not be permitted for those who have more than 2 (including 2) violations of residence rules during their stay.