Conditions for studies of international students

SHEI PSACEA strives for excellence in teaching and research in the fields of civil engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering and bioengineering, energy efficiency and energy saving, green building, material science and urban planning, business and economics. We achieve this by empowering the individual and establishing strong ties with industry, academia and the community.
At PSACEA, a firm dedication to high academic standards ensures the quality of graduates, providing them with the education and competences they need to meet their personal and professional goals in the fields of engineering, architecture, business and economics, which are most highly in demand today.
At PSACEA, we cultivate independent learning to prepare students for their futures as engineers, architects, managers and research’s in a fast-changing technological world. We invest substantial resources in training, improved teaching methods, research and student support systems to create an environment that is both nurturing and challenging.
No matter what direction you wish to take, PSACEA offers a wide range of subjects ranging from civil engineering and construction, architecture and urban planning, automotive and traffic science, energy efficiency in construction, material science, ecology and environmental engineering, information technology and mechanical engineering as well as business and economics.
All degree programs are regularly audited for their quality and are continuously developed.
PSACEA is an integral complex of buildings, where favourable conditions are created for studies, research, organization of independent work and leisure. The teaching and learning process takes place in the same building in equipped classrooms, curriculum offices, experimental and computer labs. Reconstruction and re-equipment of lecture, workshop and laboratory rooms are constantly in place according to modern requirements. Internet access, including Wi-Fi, is available across the entire territory of PSACEA facilities.


Physical activity is the key to a healthy and successful personality. PSACEA promotes a healthy lifestyle among student youth, takes care of increasing their physical activity, engages in sports, forms a value-based attitude towards their own well-being, as well as improves development of physical fitness, taking into account the requirements of future professional practice.
Thus, for students to be involved in busy lifestyle and physical activities, PSACEA offers a sports complex located in its territory for training in a gym, indoor soccer, badminton, taekwondo and fencing halls, and a swimming pool.

Science and Technology Library of PSACEA
Establishment, functioning and development of each educational institution cannot be imagined without the treasury of knowledge — the library. Today the library has the scientific and technical status. 100 automated workstations have been created. All departments of the Academy have access to the library server. All subdivisions have Internet connection. Wi-Fi zone is available in reading halls.
Every year, all structural units of the library provide services to more than 18 thousand users, who receive 600,000 copies of documents on various media.
A virtual reading hall is also available for use.

The Student Council is a group of active students who do their best to make their studies in the Academy interesting and their leisure time fun. Any student of PSACEA can be a member of the Student Council. The Student Council is engaged in scientific, cultural, tourist and social activities. It also organizes scientific conferences, and beauty, talent, dance and karaoke shows; it travels to the most interesting parts of our county and, of course, helps veterans and orphanages.