Study Programs

Program on the specialty 122 «Computer science» of the bachelor's degree
The program is aimed at mastering the theoretical and methodological foundations of the development of computer sciences and information technologies in accordance with the needs of the national economy, mastering practical tools in the field of information technologies and focusing on cooperation with IT partners, leading scientists and grant activities taking into account the globalization of these processes.
The main goals of the program: ensuring the high quality of the educational process in accordance with the standards of higher education, the needs of society and the labour market; formation of competencies that will allow applying mathematical foundations, algorithmic principles in modeling, designing, developing and supporting information systems and technologies; carry out development, implementation and support of intelligent systems of data analysis and processing in organizational, technical, natural and socio-economic systems; implementation of the educational process based on the principles of transparency and academic integrity; affirmation of national and universal values, promotion of self-realization of the individual.

Program on the specialty 122 «Computer science» of the master's degree
The program is aimed at ensuring the training of qualified personnel in the field of computer science by acquiring competencies sufficient for conducting research, the results of which have theoretical and practical significance in professional activity.