LLC «Dniprovodoproekt»

The specialization of LLC «Dniprovodoproekt» is the calculation, design, or development of reconstruction measures in the fields of architecture, engineering, and hydrography. LLC «Dniprovodoproekt» provides an opportunity for students of the department to test their abilities during their studies and internships provided by the educational program. Materials obtained during the participation of students involved in the working groups of LLC «Dniprovodoproekt» are implemented during the execution of their qualifying graduation works.


Communal Enterprise «Dniprovodokanal»

Communal Enterprise «Dniprovodokanal» has been a long-standing partner of the department since the beginning of the 1970s. The mutually beneficial cooperation allows students studying in the field of «Water Supply and Disposal» to consolidate their theoretical knowledge during production practices and professional internships at facilities serviced by CE «Dniprovodokanal». At the same time, the employees of the enterprise have the opportunity to improve their qualifications at the department and also study in the master's program in the specialty, which contributes to their further career advancement. After receiving their diplomas, students of the department join the ranks of employees of CE «Dniprovodokanal», occupying positions from area masters to leading engineers of the enterprise.


LLC Chemical Factory «Osnova»

LLC Chemical Factory «Osnova» is a manufacturer and developer of biocidal agents used for disinfection in various industrial sectors, chemical reagents for corrective treatment of steam and water boilers and cooling systems, as well as chemical reagents for reverse osmosis systems. Students who undergo production and research internships at the enterprise participate in the development of various modern reagents used in the water and sewage industry. LLC Chemical Factory «Osnova» is also a place of employment for graduates of the department. In addition, the enterprise provides opportunities for professional development for the department's instructors.