Specialty: 192. Construction and civil engineering
Educational professional program: Highways and aerodromes
Thanks to the acquired knowledge, graduates of the educational and professional program "Highways and Aerodromes" work in the fields of civil and transport construction, contribute to the development of the transport infrastructure of Ukraine: design modern highways and airports, plan, manage and organize the construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of highways and aerodromes, city streets, artificial structures, traffic interchanges, and engineering infrastructure.

EIA certificates and exams to be enrolled in study program:


Ukrainian language
Professional exam


Ukrainian language
Math or History of Ukraine
Professional exam
0,25 * EIA1 + 0,25 * EIA2 + 0,5 * Professional exam

Subjects to study

Basic disciplines in professional training

  • Design of roads and aerodromes;
  • Construction of roads and aerodromes;
  • Newest technologies in road construction;
  • Road and aerodrome design software;
  • Computer technologies in road design and construction;
  • Reconstruction of roads and aerodromes;
  • Design of traffic junctions and artificial structures;
  • Design of urban streets and roads;
  • Design of urban underground motor transport facilities;
  • Fundamentals of automation of production processes in construction;
  • Design and reconstruction of airports.

Skills to obtain in future prosession:

  • Design and reconstruction of highways;
  • Design and reconstruction of transport interchanges;
  • Design and reconstruction of artificial structures;
  • Design and reconstruction of aerodromes and airports;
  • Development of project documentation for transportation facilities;
  • Construction of highways, city roads, streets, interchanges, artificial structures, aerodromes and airports;
  • Maintenance and overhaul of roads and aerodromes;
  • Ensuring traffic safety;
  • Assessment of the operational condition of engineering structures.

Career prospects:

Positions to apply:

  • Head of the enterprise. Chief engineer. Head of the production and technical department. Master of the production unit.
  • Civil engineer. Engineer for technical supervision of the construction of roads, bridges, airports.
  • Engineer for the operation of roads and aerodromes.
  • Design engineer in the field of civil and transport construction.
  • Construction expert. Researcher.
  • Manager in construction and transportation.

Places to work:

  • Structures and subdivisions of the State Road Service of Ukraine (Ukravtodor);
  • Communal structures of highway operation;
  • Design, construction commercial organizations and foreign companies.