Specialty: 124. System analysis

Study program: System analysis

Mathematical methods and information technologies of analysis, modeling, forecasting, designing and decision making in different systems (informational, economic, financial, social, political, technical, organizational, environmental, etc.).

EIA certificates and exams to be enrolled in study program:


Ukrainian language and literature


Foreign language / Physics

Subjects to study

Basic disciplines in professional training

  • Mathematical analysis;
  • Fundamentals of system analysis;
  • Algorithmization and programming;
  • Organization of databases and knowledge;
  • The theory of decision-making;
  • The theory of decision-making;
  • Object-Oriented Programming;
  • Computer networks;
  • Evolutionary and genetic algorithms;
  • Methods of optimization and operations research.

Skills to obtain in future prosession:

  • To design, employ, test, implement, accompany, operate software tools for working with data and knowledge in computer systems and networks;
  • Apply methods and tools for working with data and knowledge, methods of mathematical, logical-semantic, object and simulation modelling, technology of system and statistical analysis.

Career prospects:

Positions to apply:

  • System Software Analyst;
  • System Analyst;
  • Special software analyst;
  • Information Technology Specialist;
  • Specialist in system software;
  • specialist in special software;
  • Specialist in project and program management;
  • Analyst for project and program management;

Places to work:

  • Information technology Companies;
  • IT departments of enterprises of various fields (economic, financial, social, political, technical, organizational, environmental, etc.).

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