Specialty: 133. Industry-specific Engineering

Study program: Lifting-transport, construction, reclamation machines and equipment

Specialization "Lifting-transport, road, construction, reclamation machines and equipment" gives the opportunity to get modern ideas about the appointment, classification, technical and technological features of modern lifting-transport, construction, road, reclamation machines and equipment, as well as advanced knowledge of the methods of calculation, design, definition of performance indicators, organization of operation and maintenance of modern lifting-transport, construction, road, land reclamation machines and equipment.

EIA certificates and exams to be enrolled in study program:


Ukrainian language and literature


Physics or Foreign Language

Subjects to study

Basic disciplines in professional training

  • Hoisting equipment;
  • Earthmoving machines;
  • Machines for the production of building materials;
  • Comprehensive mechanization;
  • Construction machinery and equipment;
  • Theory and calculation of machines for earthworks;
  • Theory and calculation of lifting-transport vehicles;
  • Mechanized tool;
  • Road construction machines;
  • Fundamentals of automated design systems of machines.

Skills to obtain in future prosession:

  • Analysis of technical and technological decisions of lifting-transport, construction, road, reclamation machines and equipment;
  • Rational selection of hoisting, transport, construction, road, land reclamation machines and equipment;
  • Selection, installation and commissioning of cranes, lifts, and other PTM and equipment;
  • Consulting services in the selection of construction equipment;
  • Organization of control system and safety at enterpris;
  • Organization and conducting scientific research of the educational process.

Career prospects:

Positions to apply:

    • Head of enterprise, institution and organization of construction machinery maintenance ;
    • Master of construction site at RCC plants;
    • Chief mechanic at the enterprises of the agro-industrial complex;
    • Chief engineer of a car repair company;
    • Mechanical engineer for technical supervision;
    • Engineer-constructor of lifting-transport engineering;
    • Sales and service manager of hoisting and transport equipment.

Places to work:

  • Production (heavy machinery);
  • Construction (exploitation of construction machinery;
  • Enterprises of the agro-industrial complex;
  • Private and state Motor transport, repair enterprises;
  • Companies of extraction and processing of natural raw materials;
  • Complex and dangerous technical systems (NPPs) and military objects;
  • Departments of educational institutions.

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