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Civil Engineering and Architecture


Faculty of Construction


Industrial and Civil Construction experts are intended for industrial, technical, organizational, managerial, design and scientific research in construction as

  • Engineers in factories for the production of metal constructions and products;
  • Engineers in industry research institutes, design and engineering organizations;
  • Foremen in specialized building construction organizations
  • Safety engineers of construction companies
  • Engineers of local authorities and architectural and planning departments;
  • Lecturers of professional disciplines in educational institutions targeting I-IV accreditation levels, etc.


Graduates of this specialization receive special training in agricultural construction in addition to educational and vocational programs for industrial and civil engineering study of such subjects as planning for rural and agricultural ways and areas, agricultural waterworks, architecture agricultural buildings and complexes.

Experts of this specialization are prepared since 1968. In the process the departments use modern methodological approaches as business games, solving situational problems. Students carry out thesis projects from planning and development of villages, industrial designing agricultural facilities, schools, clubs, hospitals, kindergartens, nurseries. Presentation of the diploma projects are done directly in those companies for which the projects were developed.


Construction of industrial and civil buildings and structures are mostly associated with the use of steel and aluminum bearing structures. Such buildings are shops of metallurgical, machine building, shipbuilding, aviation, automobile and tractor plants, civil structures with large spans (sports and entertainment complexes), high-rise buildings, TV towers and masts, tanks for various purposes, gas holders, etc.

Students in this specialization have the opportunity to examine in depth such subjects as "Metal structures of buildings and structures”, “Wooden structures of buildings and structures”, “Metal storage and pipelines for oil and gas”, “Light metal constructions”, “Manufacturing and technology of metal structures erection”, “Design, calculations and computer design of metal structures”, “Operation of metal structures of buildings and structures”, “Examination, reconstruction and reinforcement of metal structures of buildings and structures”.

Having extensive experience in the reconstruction of industrial buildings, teachers deliver courses for this type of work on students’ request.

In order to enhance the training of students Department of Structural Steel organized the affiliates in the largest metal plant in Ukraine named after Babushkin and the Dnipropetrovs’k Steel Construction Planning Institute. There our students practice in production and engineering, perform laboratory work, course and diploma projects under the supervision of highly qualified engineers.


Since 1997 the Faculty started training specialists in "LABOR SAFETY IN CONSTRUCTION".

The rapid development of science and modern technology, the deterioration of the ecological state enterprises requires the implementation of the legal and technical support of labor and life.

Graduates of this specialization except their compulsory and special courses are taught occupational safety and ergonomics, legal, safety, environmental assessment, disposal and recycling, environmental protection. Additionally, they will study “Radiation monitoring of construction”, “Emergency situations and elimination methods”, "Technical examination of buildings and structures after long-term operation”, etc.

Having graduated the students are conferred a bachelor and master degree on “Industrial and civil engineering” and specialization «Labor safety in Construction".


Diploma received for “Roads and Airfields” specialty provides an opportunity for Academy graduates to work as:

  • Engineering and technical personnel of design, construction and operation of roads organizations;
  • Engineers in road construction companies (design, product and material).

Normal functioning of various industries is impossible without a well-developed infrastructure, including well-developed road network. Given that economic reforms in Ukraine are actually at high rates, the need for quality roads will increase. This should lead to the growth of road building and therefore will require competent engineering staff.

During the course students master such subjects as "Design of roads and airfields", "Computer technologies in transport construction, operation and road communications maintenance”, “Basics of automation of production operations in the transportation construction”, "Transport Construction Economics", “Road construction machinery" and others.


Since 2006, the faculty trains students in "Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management” to confer a bachelor degree in geodesy, cartography and land management” so that they imply the obtained knowledge in order to:

  • to determine the form and size of land;
  • to create topographic, cadastral maps and plans;
  • to inventory and unsolder land;
  • to use information systems.

Specialists are trained to work with engineering and economic activities mainly in architecture, building services of geodesic survey and hydrographic work.

Students in this specialty acquire competent skills of surveying, mapping, expert property valuation, expert land valuation, study the basis of land management and cadastre, financial and economic activities of civil and public law, planning and development area, modern information technology for professional activities.

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