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Faculty of Economics

Dean’s Office: В408 room.



Since 1992 Economics Department in our academy provides five specialties:
  • Economics of Enterprise
  • Finance & Credit
  • Industrial Management
  • International Economics
  • Accounting & Audit

The training program at the Economic Department takes into account international experience and peculiarities of transition to market relations. The teaching group of the Department consists of specialists who have proven themselves as active supporters of progressive ideas in economics and education.

The role of economists and their impact on modern society is enormous. Most of the specific problems of daily life have important economic aspects. Knowledge of economics has a great practical value for business. Recently, more and more economists are found within the personnel of enterprises of different ownerships, collecting and interpreting information for rational business decisions.

The department has 8 chair departments, a training group of which includes professors and practitioners with extensive work experience in research organizations, governmental and commercial structures. It should be mentioned that there are 10 DPhs among them.

Students of Economics Department have the opportunity to master the computer equipment in a well-equipped computer center and in the academy’s class of computer technology, created by the department. Since 1995, all specialties of training programs have been focused not only on the construction industry but also in other areas, including service field and banking.

Those students who study on the contract basis have the opportunity to choose subjects of their own volition or according to the request of directing the organization within 30% of the total training time. The department has close links with foreign educational institutions. The best students are trained in Macedonia (in Prylyep), France (Lyon), Canada. In 2000 students got the opportunity to study in Germany, which allowed them to join the economic and political elite of our young country.

Of course, the future of every young person depends primarily on the person, but learning at the economic department will help everyone to feel their strength, discover their potential and gain deep and strong knowledge, which could form the basis for achieving your goals.

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