Russian for Foreigners Courses


European Educational Centre of Foreign Languages (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) with long-term experience on teaching English, French and German languages, offers to foreigners to complete 2-week, 3-week and 4-week summer courses of the Russian language.


Here you can study Russian intensively and effectively under experienced teachers guidance. You will learn Russian, meet new friends, get acquainted with history and culture of Dnipropetrovsk and Ukraine, you will visit the most interesting and picturesque sites of Pridniprovie and other regions of our country, you will taste the Ukrainian national cuisine dishes.


The program of intensive study includes 100 academic hours.


The levels of Russian language knowledge

·              Beginners

·              Elementary

·              Basic

·              Advanced



The alphabet, 300 new words, pronunciation course, spelling and reading, the elementary level of grammar are proposed on this level. After the course you will be able to use English for everyday speaking and writing.



You will master the grammar and lexis studied on the beginner’s level; you will get acquainted with system of case and propositions in the Russian language. You will learn more than 300 new phrases, practice listening comprehension, acquire rapid reaction on the teachers` questions and will be able to respond them adequately.


Basic level

On this level you will improve your knowledge of everyday lexis. You will be able to use actively verb tenses, adverbs, participles. You will also acquire more than 400 new phrases.


Advance level

On this stage you will acquire the advanced level of grammar and business, social and cultural lexis of Russian. You will be able to transmit and evaluate the information you have heard on media and to take part in conversations about great scientists and famous people.




The basic principles of the course

·        communicative approach

·        interactive approach (dialogs, discussions)

·        concentric approach of grammar and lexis (revising - enlarging –learning)

·        trinity in practicing ( practicing – modeling use in real context)


Program profile


Students` age


Course methodology


Entrance tests

In written form

Technical support

·    Bibliotheque

·    Videotheque

·    Audiotheque




9.00 – 12.00

14.00 – 16.00


10-15 students


The certificate based on the

Ministry of Education

and Science of Ukraine standart 


Cultural aspect


Paintings of Petrikovka

 (practical course of  Paintings of Petrikovka techniques)



National Cuisine

(practical course “Preparation  of the national dishes: borsch, vareniky)



Cultural aspect



| Guided tours of Dnipropetrovsk

1) Dnipropetrovsk sightseeing tour

2) visiting the Monastery island, parks of the city

3) historical sightseeing tour

4) religious sightseeing tour (churches and cathedrals)


On Wednesdays


Guided tours of Ukraine

1) Petrikovka village

2) Khortysia island

3) Zaporizhzhia, HydroElectric Dam

4) Kiev


On  Saturdays



The European Centre of Foreign languages studying offers to foreigners to study the Russian language using special programs developed according to the state standards. Our goal is to help you to master your speaking skills in Russian that will provide you high-grade communication and also to get you acquainted with the history, culture and traditions of our ancient unique beautiful and hospitable Ukraine.


Learn Russian in our city!


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